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Proudly Introducing a Dynamic New

Online-Billpay Service 

You will need your Two Tough Guys Services

account number and ID Code to register.

Your ID Code is listed on the new statements.

If you have any questions, please call
us at (307) 587-9651 or 

               Terms and Conditions 


Street Address / Payment Drop Site: 

Two Tough Guys Services, LLC

71 Road 2AB

Cody, Wy.  82414

Remit & Mailing Address:

Two Tough Guys Services, LLC

P.O. Box 2871

Cody, Wy.  82414

Payment Due Date: Payment is due the 30th of the month. Please contact us if you expect your payment to be past due. A finance charge computed at the  periodic rate of 1.5% monthly (18% annually) may be assessed to past due balances of thirty(30) days or more. 

Error on Your Bill:  Contact us immediately if you find an error.

Billing address Changes: For billing address changes, check the box on the front of the payment stub and provide your new billing address. 

Fees and Charges: All accounts stepped due to non-payment will incur a $30 fee: for reinstatement of service, the account balance plus 2 months service must be paid in advance. The reinstatement fee for commercial containers pulled due to non payment is $50. A $30 fee will be applied for returned payments. All accounts turned over to our collection agency will incur a $10 collection fee. 

Collection Times: Residential garbage receptacles need to be set out by 5:00 am or the nigh prior.  Commercial garbage containers need to be set out the night before. We are not responsible for items left next to roll carts or containers. 

Missed Service: If your service is missed or your caret doesn't empty completely, call us immediately. 

Extra Garbage: Anything not completely inside the roll cart or container is considered extra garbage and will incur a charge. This includes rolls cars and containers when the lid is not completely closed. 

Moving:  It is the customer's responsibility to stop or transfer service. If you plan to move across town or out of the area, call in advance so we may schedule the change and pull carts, containers or bins. Outgoing customers are held responsible for the service until notice is given to the office. 

Customer Service/ Suggestions:  If you at any time have a suggestion on how we can better serve you, we welcome your input. We respond to all customer suggestions in a timely manner. 


Privacy Statement:  Any personal information gathered by Two Tough Guys Services LLC is used solely to provide services to our customers.  

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