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Weekly and Bi-weekly Residential Dumpsters

Service Areas

Rural Cody

Rural Powell


95 gallon cart       2 yard             1.5 yard              1 yard

Residential Sizes

95 gallon cart

1 yard metal dumpster     24" D x 38" H x 64" W

1.5 yard metal dumpster 33" D x 38" H x 64" W

2 yard metal dumpster    42" D x 38" H x 64" W

Bear proof  containers  available for:


Upper Southfork

West Clark area

Items not accepted:




Any Hazardous Materials



Air conditioners


Car Batteries

We accept credit cards

Visa, Mastercard, & Discover

Please Note:

  • Bag and Tie all Trash

  • Dumpsters should not be filled with heavy waste or debris,     i.e.   concrete, dirt, sheet rock, shingles etc.

  • If your dumpster is too heavy the truck will not be able to pick it up.

  • Please keep driveways clear of snow. If it is not navigable you will be skipped. 

  • Please keep dogs under control on garbage day, they may behave more aggressively when owners are gone.

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